Synaesthetic Sequencer

Synaesthetic Sequencer 

Aleatory Music Systems

BEDROOM, 51a Northumberland Street EH3 6JQ

12-5pm, 22 June


Synaesthetic Sequencer takes its title from the notion of synaesthesia, the sensation some people have whereby one form of sensory stimulation provokes a response in one of the other five senses.

In the case of the Synaesthetic Sequencer, colours perceived via a video camera are converted into spontaneously composed music in real time.

Synaesthetic Sequencer is a highly interactive installation.  Visitors are encouraged to influence the music being created, either by moving in front of the camera or by adjusting various controls on a control panel.

The music created is determined by the amount of red, green or blue there is in each part of the scene in front of the camera.  To that end, anyone coming along to see this piece is encouraged to bring or wear something that is predominantly red, green or blue.

Complementing Synaesthetic Sequencer will be an exhibition of patch sheets and colour pencil pattern drawings by Emma Bowen in the hallway.

Synaesthetic Sequencer

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