Clavo- Down Press Down

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CLAVO- Down Press Down

gillies adamson semple, eliot z.felde, harry smithson
Performance 24th June 8-11pm
Exhibition 25th-26th 10-4pm
Basic Mountain

Clavo are a artist-organised group who run work collaboratively and independently under the title. We come from fine art, fashion and design backgrounds, working non-exclusively to utilise a range of artists skills. Our work often reflects these multi-disciplinary backgrounds in both process and method.  A live performance work that will last the duration of one evening (the 24th of June), followed by a two day exhibition of the resulting detritus and product resulting from the performance. The site-specific structure we’re building is partly dictated by the generous ceiling height of our venue Basic Mountain.

Through live public testing of collaboration, play and unity in numbers, Clavo will make this work in a way that utilises a production line, and draws back the curtain from more commonly private, making of material. For this show we will construct a tube system to fire hand made printing blocks onto linen sheets, creating works that rely on chance and show visible improvement throughout the night, or not as the case may be. These prints will then be displayed for 2 days before being distributed amongst the audience by post or through a collection point time later on in the Annuale. Clavo’s focus for this work is ‘learning by doing’, the performance will show this in live action, as it unfolds.




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