Non-Domestic Space

A Tower to Build a Tower

Sarah Cameron

Basic Mountain

19 – 26 June

Sarah works in the provocation of the non-sacrosanct porous space, in constant
use by unknown others and subject to future bookings. Her work explores the
limitations of constant human interaction and the need for space, in relation to
the feminist nomadic. In response to living within this setting of shared space
and precarious identities, she makes work surreptitiously, in between upheavals
and by night. She uses images alongside the objects that regularly inhabit the
room to create her own narrative within the space. At Basic Mountain she has
made a number of works on paper, a furniture arrangement and a land piece on
the cobbled road outside the building, that will wash away over the course of the

The live/work work, will co-habit with London based collective, Clavo, and a
participatory practice workshop, H-Frame.

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